Thursday, 4 December 2008


Ok, so I know theres probably no readers out there cause my blogging regularity has gone down the drain. But I’m blogging to ask for ideas of how to make friends in London, any ideas just post a comment.


blueyedboy said...

Errrm... Volunteering of some sort? Or there must be somewhere in London where you could go climbing? I would imagine you might also be able to find some kind of gay/Christian coffee meet-up type group, might be interesting.

Birdie said...

Blueyedboy beat me to it: volunteer. You need to be around people who are doing things you like, too. Join up somewhere, even if you are shy or introverted, in an activity that requires participation. What do you like?

aron2631 said...

Yup, yup, a 3rd the suggestion. Find a cause you believe in. Put your time, energy and self into it.


aron2631 said...

Two more things: since you are a man of faith, do you have connections where you can be who you are and a man of faith? If not, I really suggest seeking that out. There are several gay-friendly Christian churches in London to become involved in.

Second, be sure that you are not looking to the outside world (including the bf) to satisfy a fundamentally inward hunger. If you are a reader, the book "WE: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love" by Robert A. Johnson would help.